Special Weather Advisory issued for Oakville: Wednesday, February 24, 2015

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Special Weather Advisory issued for Oakville: Wednesday, February 24, 2015
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You know it is bad when Environment Canada issues a special weather advisory for Oakville, a full day prior to the event. So be prepared for a very sloppy day tomorrow, since we may see a little of everything: snow, ice rain, rain, and high winds.

Here is the Special Weather Advisory issued for Oakville at 3:53 PM today for Wednesday, February 24, 2016.

A major winter storm is expected to affect Ontario Wednesday and Thursday.

A low pressure system is expected to develop and emerge from Texas today, then track northeast towards the Lower Great Lakes and intensify into a major winter storm Wednesday.

This winter storm is expected to bring significant amounts of rain, snow and ice pellets, along with the possibility of freezing rain.
These types of winter storms from Texas typically bring 15 to 30 mm or more of rain to locales that get mainly rain, and 15 to 30 cm of heavy snow to regions that get hit by the heaviest snow. A band of freezing rain and ice pellets often forms over regions near the rain-snow line.

Travelling conditions are expected to quickly deteriorate Wednesday as the precipitation arrives.

Please refer to weather statements and local forecasts which will be updated with more details as the winter storm evolves and gets closer to the region. Winter storm watches and various warnings may be required as the event draws closer.


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