Stage one of reopening starts in Ontario: Mayor’s Update

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Stage one of reopening starts in Ontario: Mayor’s Update
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Rob Burton

Rob Burton

Rob Burton is the mayor of Oakville, Ontario. He was elected as Mayor in 2006, and re-elected for a fourth term in 2018. He is the chair of the Halton Regional Police Services Board. Mr. Burton is best known in the business community as the creator of YTV. He has a Master of Science degree in Journalism from Columbia University.

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On Thursday, May 15th the provincial government made it official, Ontario is entering stage one of reopening.

Starting Saturday, May 16th we will be able to do things like golf again and on Tuesday, May 19th more businesses will be able to reopen. All construction will resume.

But all of this comes with a warning: business are asked to open only if it’s safe to do so and citizens must maintain healthy practices and physical distancing.

The declaration of emergency remains so the government can pivot if necessary. The Premier made it clear that a resurgence in cases could cause such a pivot.

In Halton the Medical Officer of Health Dr. Hamidah Meghani will be issuing a class order under the Health Promotion and Protection Act for all our safety.  Halton Region has avoided more than 100 coronavirus deaths and many more COVID-19 cases thanks to the measures put in place in March, and which were followed by residents.

Message in a Bottle Town of Oakville Seniors Supports COVID-19Meanwhile, the Town’s Recreation and Culture has been busy implementing the Message in a Bottle program. This week, hundreds of bottles were delivered to seniors in the community. It’s an incredible effort that shows how busy this group has been despite facility closures.

As we begin to reopen remember that you must remain diligent in our efforts so they are not lost.

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More about stage one: Ontario Workplaces allowed open on May 16th and 19thWorkplaces Ontario May 16 19 2020

This first group of retailers, seasonal businesses and health and community service providers are well-positioned to put workplace safety measures in place. They are able to get more people back to work, while not overburdening public transit and other services. 

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