Star Trek Seeps Into Darkness & Brings It Home: 4/5

Star Trek Seeps Into Darkness & Brings It Home: 4/5
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After the boring and tasteless collapse of the Next Generation films in the Star Trek franchise, fans were unable to come to terms in facing the fact that their primary trilogy had gotten old.

Star Trek: Into Darkness

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Overall Rating:
Opens: May 16, 2013
Running time: 132 minutes
Genre: Science Fiction

It wasn’t until 2009 when director J.J. Abrams (Super 8) took the helm of the franchise, presenting fans with a polished and glimmering vision, carrying elements of the classic story into modernization.

Cut to 2013 and Abrams has done it again with his dark and nostalgic follow up, Star Trek Into Darkness.

The film brings back the team of the Enterprise we’ve freshly become familiar with four years ago. After the crew discovers a destructive force within their own association, ultimately leaving their planet in a state of chaos, Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) leads a pursuit, surfacing on a war torn planet in order to capture the individual responsible. However, little do they know that this is a force they should not have reckoned with. From emotional challenges to ultimate sacrifices, the Enterprise crew faces the ultimate test in morality and friendship, with Kirk in the frontlines.


From the state of the art special effects to the emotionally uplifting yet gloomy plot, Abram’s guides us through a fresh yet familiar sector of the Star Trek saga, adapting most of its elements from the franchises most critically successful film, The Wrath of Khan (1982).

The film touches on many interesting factors, one of which presenting us with the origin of Kirk and Spock’s friendship (Zachary Quinto). There is also a twist, though a tad predictable, that will help “Trekkie’s” achieve their long awaited wet dreams.

Abram’s has proved yet again that he is the new science fiction blockbuster director, granting his audience with just what they want, and more. The thing I adore most of his take on the Star Trek movies is that one does not have to be a fan of the franchise to enjoy the film just as much as the fans do. There is no doubt Abrams will do brilliant things with the upcoming continuation to the Star Wars franchise, which he has been assigned to direct as well. Talk about a monopoly.

Going into Star Trek Into Darkness, I was convinced it would be just as good as its predecessor. But I was wrong. It was better.


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  1. Kaity WuebboltKaity Wuebbolt says:

    I agree! This was an excellent film, and still really enjoyable for someone who might not know as much about Star Trek as a diehard fan.

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