Stephen Crawford the new MPP for Oakville

Stephen Crawford
Stephen Crawford the new MPP for Oakville
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At 9:50 PM on June 7, 2018 it was announced that Stephen Crawford became the new MPP for the Oakville riding. At 00:01 AM, he won 43.73% of the popular vote with 77 of 79 polls reporting.

    1. Kevin Flynn (Liberal) received 35.75%
    2. Lesley Sgrague (NDP) received 16.49%
    3. Emily DeSousa (Green) received 3.51%
    4. Spencer Oklobdzija (Libertarian) received 0.52%

Mr. Crawford was born in Mississauga. He attended Lorne Park Secondary School, and went on to study Political Science at the University of Western Ontario. He then attended the University of Toronto for business. Finally, he achieved his Canadian Investment Manager CIM designation.

He has a deep understanding of business. His first senior position was as a Senior Vice President of National Sales at Acuity Funds. He has held a number of senior executive positions with companies that managed $10 billion.

Stephen Crawford has also been an advocate for Plan Canada’s “Because I am a Girl” and was an active member of the Oakville Chapter of “100 Guys who Care”, the Royal Military Institute and the Oakville Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Crawford moved to Oakville in 2009 and is the father of 4 children.

Oakville Provincial Riding Electoral History

The last time Oakville residents elected a Progressive Conservative MPP was in 1997 when Gary Carr secured 61% of the vote. In 2003 Oakville voted Liberal when residents elected Kevin Flynn.

Oakville North-Burlington 2018 Provincial Election Results

Effie Triantafilopoulos won the riding. She is a member of the Progressive Conservative party. Ms. Traintafilopuolos won 57.25% of the popular vote. She was followed by Liberal Alvin Tedjo who won 20% of the vote. Saima Zaidi came in third and Marianne Workman came in fourth.

It is also time to thank Mr. Kevin Flynn. He has done a wonderful job representing Oakville residents for the past 15 years.

Whatever your beliefs, it is now time to pull together.



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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Brenda Inskip says:

    Honourable Steven Crawford,
    Congratulations on your win to be our new MPP.
    I helped in your campaign office a little, and was so thankful for your win.
    I would like though, in the near future that you would demand that the bubble zone law, put in place by the Liberals, be demolished, rescinded! It is stopping freedom of speech, and blocking the ability of people to hear the truth in love.
    Brenda Inskip

    • Nolan Machan says:

      Hi Brenda,
      Please note that MPP Crawford does not necessarily read all comments. I would suggest that you reach out to him directly.

      Have a great day!

  2. John McLaughlin says:

    Congratulations are in order for Stephen Crawford and for all candidates who participated in the democratic process — the voter turnout was very high throughout Ontario.

    The upcoming municipal elections, provide another opportunity for an increased voter turnout — and for change.

  3. annick aubert says:

    Dear Mr.Craford,
    I am not a leftie or other such abomination.. I am a snior citizen, who was bewildered by the inanedecisions of your leader, buck a beer ! and the attack on Toronot City Council… The only dysfunction I eve noticed at the many sessions I attended was started by the Ford brothers. I remember the day poor Pam McConnell was thrown to the floor.There are many good people in the PC party !

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