Stormwater Master Plan to reduce the risk of flooding

Stormwater Master Plan to reduce the risk of flooding

Oakville Town Council approved the staff report that highlighted the findings and recommendations in the town’s innovative Stormwater Master Plan (SWMP) called “Be Rain Ready”.

The Stormwater Master Plan focuses on the town’s more established community areas where storm water infrastructure systems tend to be older and designed to a standard reflective of the era in which they were built.

Understanding the condition and limitations of these systems allow us to determine what needs to be improved to ensure these systems remain stable and functional while minimizing exposure to the risk of urban flooding.

The SWMP identifies immediate and long-term actions to enhance the town’s approach to stormwater management and climate change issues. It also provides advice to property owners on what they can do themselves to reduce flood risk and flood damage on their property.

Stormwater Management Plan three key phases

  • Phase 1 assessed the condition of the existing stormwater system and collected background data.
  • Phase 2 (recently completed) assessed the performance of the stormwater system to identify vulnerabilities, opportunities to decrease flood risk, and advice on best management practices for managing our systems in light of land use changes (e.g. infill development, land redevelopment) and climate change (e.g. increased rainfall frequency and intensity).
  • Phase 3 of the study will examine funding opportunities and options to support the implementation of the plan.

For details on the town’s stormwater management visit the Stormwater Management page.



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