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website_photos_34Oakville’s Symposium Cafe, opened up  in late summer, so they have had a more then enough time to iron out the kinks. It is a bistro in the truest sense. They serve breakfast, lunch & dinner without the white linen but at comfortable booths or two seater tables – which are gathered together for larger groups. The owners took an interesting take on the meaning of Symposium, which in ancient Greece meant “to drink together”. This explains the very large bar fitted out with 3 large flat screens. Large frescos inspired by Greek, Roman, and European art lining the upper walls. It really doesn’t feel like a franchise – but rather an independent establishment  whose owners were willing to put their money into the atmosphere.

Now is this a fine dining establishment – no. So the expectation is that I get a decent meal, in a reasonable time, served hot by a server who understands what they are serving in an atmosphere that is interesting. They delivered. The meal was good – not great. I had an Italian flat bread with Pesto chicken, artichokes layered with goat cheese. The chicken was pre-cooked so once they put it under the broiler it dried out, and a corner was burned. The flavour combination was good. My friend had a Banquet Burger with specific instructions to make the bacon crispy and a side of fries. The bacon was crispy, the burger patty was large but processed and the fries where institutional.

website_photos_22The menu prices range from $4.45 for a bowl of soup to $22.95 for BBQ pork ribs with coleslaw and fries. A cup of coffee is $2.95 and a large piece of  carrot cake (easily does for two) for $8.50. The portions are generous. You will not walk away hungry.

So for the first sit down cafe with table service to make it to Upper Middle & Third Line, Symposium Cafe & Restaurant delivers the goods. It is busy, friendly, visually interesting and the food is tasty. Hopefully, as this chain continues to grow – the owners will put a little more effort into proper cooking times so that their food is as good as their staff. Would I recommend it – yup!

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  1. Mrs. Brown says:

    I have just returned from this restaurant at upper middle and third line and experienced, without a doubt, the worst restaurant service I have ever received. Gave our seat away after booking a reservation , took one hour to receive an appetizer, which the owner supposedly but in himself! Ha! , then no cutlery,no water even after it was requested, cold food.. No one knew who was serving us . One person would say ‘i will get you the cutlery’ and then we would never see that person again. We were not the only upset customers! The owner/manager is in way over his head and he is destroying the reputation of this chain!

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