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CIBC Child Pornography Deceased Persons 36 year old Oakville man Halton Regional Police Badge

Halton Regional Police Three Month Report

Over the 5 years of publishing Oakville News, Halton Regional Police has often been accused by some of only handing out speeding tickets. A bit harsh, but what is the reality?

August 2017 Oakville Real Estate

August 2017 Oakville Real Estate Update

The August 2017 Oakville Real Estate Update indicates that prices are rising, but the number of properties sold has continued to sharply declined,

Update: Sexual Assault Suspect Sought in Oakville

The Halton Regional Police child abuse and sexual assault bureau have provided an update on the sexual assault that took place in West Oakville on Wednesday, 2017.

Bill 148 effect, Oakville Chamber of Commerce

185,000 Ontario Jobs at Risk from Ontario Bill 148

Bill 148 will increase the cost of consumer goods and services by $1,300 per household starting in 2018, according to new analysis by leading economic’s firm, CANCEA.

Oakville Chamber Membership Achieves Milestone

The Oakville Chamber Membership has achieved a milestone of 1,200 companies, representing more than 40,000 employees.

Nut Job 2

Nut Job 2 brought to life by Sheridan Alumni

Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature, opening August 11, takes movie-goers on an adventure with Surly the squirrel as he and his furry friends try to stop their parkland home from being bulldozed and turned ...