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Regulatory burden

Canada’s regulatory burden undermines business competitiveness

Canada’s regulatory burden is smothering business in Canada, thanks to a growing mix of complex, costly and overlapping rules from all levels of government.

10 ways Canadian Flag

10 Ways to Build a Canada that Wins in Business

A strong and prosperous Canada depends on business growth, but businesses are grappling with daunting challenges at home and abroad. 10 Ways to Build a Canada that Wins provides a blue print for success. 10 Ways provides ...

Revised tax reforms

Revised tax reforms & lower small business tax rate welcomed with caveat

The Oakville Chamber of Commerce and Canadian Chamber of Commerce welcome the government’s plans to revise its revised tax reforms and to reduce the small business tax rate

Infrastructure Spending

Oakville’s Infrastructure Spending Recommendations supported Nationally

The Oakville Chamber of Commerce’s recommendations for infrastructure spending were supported by the Canadian Chamber network at the policy conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Infrastructure Investment

Infrastructure Investment solves Canadian Problems

A report on infrastructure investment was released by the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce called: Stuck in Traffic for 10,000 Years: Canadian Problems that Infrastructure Investment Can Solve. 

John Sawyer with Chamber staff Jad Haffar, Whitney Johnston, Danielle Leonard, and Marc Tremblay

Oakville Chamber of Commerce wins Gold! Congratulations

The Oakville Chamber of Commerce received first place honours in the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s annual best practices competition. This tenth year of the competition was focused on creating community partnerships to expand the opportunities ...

Budget initiatives on infrastructure will boost Canada’s competitivenes

Today’s budget presents the continuity of a plan for economic growth that builds on Canada’s economic and fiscal advantages. The measures announced by the government will help Canadian businesses prosper and compete.

Canadian Chamber Unveils Top 10 Barriers to Competitiveness for 2014

Today, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the nationwide network of chambers of commerce, including the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, unveiled the Top 10 Barriers to Competitiveness list for 2014. The Canadian Chamber undertook this ...

Oakville Chamber supports Harper’s Budget

Ottawa’s recent budget focus on training and manufacturing echoes the comments many Oakville Chamber members shared in a pre-budget roundtable this past January with local MPs chaired by Oakville MP Terence Young. The budget also confirms ...

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