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Terence & Gloria Young

Federal Election 2015: Oakville Conservative Candidate: Terence Young

Terence Young arrives with a bounce in his step, as he reaches out his hand to give me a friendly handshake. We have met on several occasions, but this will be our first interview. He ...

Pam Damoff by Parliament Hill

Why Your Vote is Important: A Federal Liberal Candidate’s Perspective

One refrain I hear all too often is, “What’s the point of voting?” In Halton, roughly 4 in 10 eligible voters chose not to execute their hard-won democratic right to elect their representatives, and only ...

Max Khan

The lingering effects of negative political allegations

During the last several weeks, I’ve had a clear view of what is happening during this municipal campaign. One of the issues I’ve observed is the effect of negative allegations and how we as an ...