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The Politics of Race in Oakville

Recently a writer called to ask me to comment on the launch of Ontario’s long promised Anti-Racism Directorate to address discrimination and evidence based disparities in the province. She asked me a very un-Canadian question.

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Ten candidates will run in the upcoming Ward 6 by-election on Monday, July 13

The Town Clerk certified papers for the following candidates who filed all necessary documentation, declarations and fees before the nomination period officially ended at 2 p.m. on Friday, May 29, 2015:


Pump up your Resume with Volunteer Work

I met some stellar candidates this week. They were in various stages of their job searches. Some were just starting to think about looking. Others were deep into their search journey.

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Voting Day in Oakville: What to do and Who are the candidates

Voting Day Monday, October 27, 2014 is your day to vote for who you feel will best represent you. Voting stations open at 10:00 AM and voting ends at 8:00 PM. Full Roaster of Candidates ...


Letter to the Editor: Bronte Debate Mayoral Candidate Clarification

Dear Publisher Thank you for your article regarding the Ward 1 All Candidates’ Meeting held on October 7. https://oakvillenews.org/bronte-holds-its-regional-municipal-candidates-meeting/ There is a correction we would like to request you to publish. The October 9 article ...

Liberal Member Kevin Flynn

Oakville’s Provincial Election results for 2014

Once the polls closed at 9:00 PM it didn’t take long for the Liberals to come out in the lead and stay there for the rest of the night. Oakville followed suit and returned Kevin ...

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Consider that application carefully – fun isn’t everything

I am working on an assignment that’s pretty cool. A lot of candidates are interested in learning more about it after they read my posting on LinkedIn.

Oakville Liberals stay true to Trudeau’s Pledge for Open Nominations

Today the Oakville Federal Liberal Association (OFLA) announces the creation of a Candidate Search Committee in preparation for the 2015 General Election. This action demonstrates not only the association’s commitment to following democratic principles but ...

It’s time for the straight goods about the recruitment process

For years, the recruiting business has been shrouded in mystery. Really great recruiters had big rolodexes on their desks. They knew everyone and more importantly, they knew who was coming and who was going. It ...