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Univjobs app dedicated to boosting the Oakville job market

For better or worse, Toronto seems to get all the good stuff: career opportunities with big companies, investment money and publicity. And Oakville? Oakville gets the short end of the stick.

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Make Experience Relevant on your Resume

I ran into a friend this weekend. We have a really cool history together. Just over four years ago, she was a party planner. She was pretty sure that it was not the type of ...

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The Myth of the Forever Job

Let me just put this out there: there is no such thing as a forever job. Too many people, candidates and hiring managers alike keep talking about this idea.

Digitally Distorted Mayor Rob Ford, Toronto

Don’t let this happen to you – career lessons from Ford Nation

I have to do it – I am sorry but I have to write about Rob Ford today.  He is in the news once again  and I just have to comment. First of all, I ...

JUMP! Oakville Recruiter

I hosted a panel discussion last night for my chapter of Women in Nuclear. We had a great panel answering questions based on Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In. We covered a lot of good material but I ...

Don’t park your career for the Holidays

Contrary to popular belief, the job world does not come to a stop just because it’s the holidays. There are lots of great opportunities over the coming weeks to explore and exploit news, knowledge and ...

Rob Ford needs to exit stage left. Now: Oakville Recruiter

Rob Ford is my neighbour.  His office is across the street from my office.  I hope that he is not my neighbour for much longer.  It’s not that I don’t think he is doing a ...

Key to Career Success Starts in First Year

While many students traditionally start thinking about their careers toward the end of their academic studies, Joe Henry, Associate Dean of Student Success at Sheridan College advises that the time to start planning is during ...

Beware Your Digital Tail: Oakville Recruiter

What did you do in high school?  Were you the class prankster in college?  Is there evidence of your antics on social media?  Have you checked? There have been a whole bunch of incidents recently ...

Information Interview: Oakville Recruiter

Information interviews are pretty popular these days. They can be a great way to learn about different roles and different organizations. These conversations, usually more casual than an actual interview, also provide a great platform ...

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