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Movie Review: Cars 3’s a Thrilling Final Lap

Every June for the last decade has been marked by a high-profile release from Disney and Pixar. Cars 3 is this year’s entry, and it’s a simple yet highly engaging end to the love-it-or-hate-it animated ...

Mini Cooper S

Canada Day Thieves break into several Cars in Glen Abbey

Halton Police would like to remind the public to lock their vehicles parked in the driveway and more importantly, to hide and secure valuables such as electronics from sight.

Speed reduction signs

Curbing the need for speed in Oakville

As a result of ongoing community concerns over speeding throughout our area, I was successful in having Ward 3 selected as the test site for Solar Powered Speed Sentry Unit testing last year.

December arrived with a Bang!

As motorists tried to get home yesterday evening – traffic was so bad that people had time to twitter while driving. It took over 20 minutes to travel up Trafalgar Road from downtown Oakville to ...