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September 2018 Oakville Centre

September 2018 Oakville Centre performances

The September 2018 Oakville Centre performances mark the start of a new season with authors, music, and theatre.


April 2018 Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts

The April 2018 Oakville Centre performances are going to blow your socks off with Kim Mitchell, or your stomach is going to hurt because you’ll be laughing so hard during Rosanne Barr’s comedy routine.


Kick off the festive season with a beautiful, uplifting Masterworks choral concert

Written in 1734, Bach’s Christmas Oratorio is the joyful retelling of the Christmas story in six parts. In 2014, Masterworks performed the first three parts of the Christmas Oratorio and we are thrilled to be ...


A taste of Renaissance Europe right here in Oakville

Traveling to Europe is one of those experiences that remains with us our entire life. The landscapes are magnificent, the people are welcoming, the food is excellent, the wine is world class.

Musikay auditioning Advanced Singers

Musikay is seeking experienced and motivated choral singers to make glorious music with other like-minded musicians in the Oakville and Hamilton areas. The ensemble has been carefully into one of the most dynamic, challenging, and ...

Close up of opening for violin

The OCO Presents: Vivaldi for Freaky Instruments!

Did you know that Vivaldi suffered from bronchial asthma throughout his life?

Stained Glass of Messiah

How to handle Messiah

I went into a store today, heard some really terrible Christmas music, and walked right out. I thought, there has to be something better for Christmas—and indeed there is: Handel’s Messiah!

Lit Christmas Tree Outdoors

Christmas 2014 in Oakville: Here’s what is happening!

Christmas season is about to arrive in Oakville starting this Friday, when the lights and decorations in Bronte Village, Kerr Village and Downtown Oakville will bring in the colour of the holidays. So here is ...

Musikay celebrates the number 7

The number 7 is associated with magic and things mystical. It is also known as the lucky number 7. All of these attributes perfectly describe Musikay’s new concert season.

Oakville Chamber Orchestra: Concerto Competition Finalists

Nearly one year ago the Oakville Chamber Orchestra’s Chelster Hall Garden Party made news as the Oakville social event of the summer. The goal of the party was to raise funds for the OCO’s youth concerto competition ...

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