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Cover Letters – Eagle or Albatross?

People offer to send me cover letters all the time. I tell them not to bother. My job is to provide notes to my client about each candidate so in effect, I am writing the ...

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Cover Letters that Get you the Job

Cover letters are an important part of a job application. Although, to be fair, they won’t actually get you the job. At their best, they will get you that first phone call.

You Can’t Print this! Finding your personal Value Proposition

There is a lot of buzz circulating about 3D printing these days. We can print sandwiches, guns, jeans. So it was not surprised to hear one of my colleagues mutter about when she was going ...

Do I need a cover letter? Oakville Recruiter

In the old days, a cover letter had to accompany a resume because the job postings were placed in newspapers and weeks might have gone by since it was published.