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Deerfield Golf Club

Deerfield Golf Club will remain protected greenspace

The Town of Oakville is purchasing the Deerfield Golf Club property – and the Fourteen Mile Creek lands from Upper Middle Road to Third Line – from the province.


How Livable Oakville just became a lot less Livable

Development has won another battle in gobbling up Oakville green spaces. The Town of Oakville and Halton Region have just backed down in their efforts to enforce a natural space zoning in their own official ...

How we got where we are: Merton Land Development & the OMB

There has been much debate when it comes to the development of the Merton Lands in Oakville. The 234-hectare area is made up of: Saw Whet and Deerfield Golf Courses; Fourteen Mile Creek and natural ...

Clear cutting field

Results of the April 14 Public Information meeting regarding Saw-whet

Thank you to the over 600 people who attended the meeting. It is heartening to see so many people interested enough in this matter to come out on a beautiful spring evening. I hope you ...


Potential development of Saw-whet Golf Course goes to OMB

Last year a developer submitted an application to the Town of Oakville to build about 780 houses and 2 multi-story buildings on Saw-whet Golf Course. There was a loud public outcry against the plan. Hundreds ...

Stream in Woods

Clarification regarding Provincially owned lands in the Merton Study area

I have been inundated with calls from constituents regarding the status of the Provincially owned lands in the Merton Study area because some confusing information has been circulating of late.

Karen Brock Photographer, People tour woodlands during the fall

Good News and Bad News on Merton Lands

It is now official – Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn has managed to preserve the Provincial portion of Merton Lands and we now have a letter, signed by the Minister of Infrastructure Ontario, Glen Murray.  The letter ...

Karen Brock Photographer, People tour woodlands during the fall

Merton Lands Need Not be Re-Zoned

The capacity crowd caused some of you to be prevented from getting into the meeting room because of fire regulations, and others have told me they went home because they couldn’t find a parking space. That is unfortunate ...

Merton Land Study: Oakville’s Last Large Land Parcel

Over the course of this study, our goal is to engage the community as often as possible to get comments and opinions on the study, its findings and options. Creating a frequently asked questions list ...