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The Trouble with Love: A Christian Perspective

It’s the night that Jesus will be captured. After washing the disciples’ feet, dipping bread into wine and giving it only to the one who would betray him, Jesus says to the disciples,

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Herding Sheep: A Christian Perspective

Who is Jesus? The Gospel writer John shows us who Jesus is by offering us signs — acts of Jesus that reveal his nature, his character.

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Beauty or Goodness? No Choice: A Christian Perspective

Christians like us who believe in working for justice for others often have difficulty with beauty. When we started to put stained glass windows into our church, there were folk who didn’t want to contribute ...

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Shining the ‘Spotlight’ on Sin: A Christian Perspective

What does the Prodigal Son have to do with the Oscars? I’d like to suggest that this story has everything to do with the film that won best picture last week.

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Faith for the Journey from Garden to Wilderness: A Christian Perspective

As we approach the beginning of Lent, we often hear this passage from Genesis — one of the creation stories in Genesis — read with the passage from Luke which describes Jesus’ experience in the ...

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Who are you for, Jesus? A Christian Perspective

Jesus leaves town and performs some miracles in Capernaum, then comes back as a guest preacher.

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Water to Wine: A Christian Perspective

Jesus was a challenging child to begin with, running off when he was twelve to discuss theology with the rabbis in the temple, leaving his desperate parents wondering where he was.

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What to do while we wait? A Christian Perspective

We have all been there. Sitting waiting in a doctor’s office. I think my mother holds the record for patient waiting. Her eye surgeon, Dr. Giavedoni, at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, is in great ...

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Grief at Christmas: A Christian Perspective

“For it is the God who said, ‘Let light shine out of darkness’, who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of ...

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Seeds of Sacrifice: A Christian Perspective on Relationships

Jesus says, ‘The way God wants things is like someone scattering seed on the ground, and watching the seed sprout and grow, the sower still does not know how it happens.” Mark 4.26-34

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