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How much can the CERB help workers and businesses?

The Federal government’s new Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) began accepting applications on its web portal Monday. It received registration from close to a million Canadians. The process had to be split into different registry ...

Moral COVID-19 Economy Health Chris Stoate

The Moral Dilemma of Covid-19: Op-Ed

We are watching world leaders, including our own, choose between optimum containment of the coronavirus and salvaging what economic activity is possible.  A choice between lives and livelihoods.

Uber Driver looking from the back seat of a car driven by and UBER Driver

Regulation and the Sharing Economy: An Economist’s Perspective

Like it or not, the sharing economy is everywhere. I’ll go as far as saying it will be one of the big economic stories of 2016, although its influence will extend far longer than that. ...