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Movie Review: Penguins Proves itself a Happy Feat

There’s something to be said about a documentary that tells you an intriguing story, makes you care about its subject, manages to make you laugh, and it’s all in support of a good cause.

Holiday Movie Review 2017

The holiday season is in full swing, with plenty of chances for a night out at the movies. These two weeks surrounding Christmas and New Years is the busiest window for new releases in the ...

We’re The Millers: 3.5/5

This odd romantic comedy is exactly that, a romantic comedy with a few sight gags thrown in. We’re The Millers is the story of a drug dealer David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) who gets robbed of his ...

Phillips Tries Something New In The Hangover Part III: 3.5/5

After a memorable original and a very forgettable sequel, director Todd Phillips decided to go back to the drawing board, coming up with something different and exciting for his conclusion to The Hangover legend.