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Ontario Government-January 2019 update

Ontario Government-January 2019 Update

To keep you up-to-date, here is the Ontario Government-January 2019 update as it relates to Oakville. It ranges from legislation to consultations.


The increasing diversity of Oakville

The diversity of Oakville’s 194,000 residents is increasing every year. In fact Oakville is more diverse than the province.

Spring Cleaning for your Resume

If you are like me, you spent some time this weekend switching your clothes around. Moved the golf shirts and flower prints to the front and shoved all the black stuff into a box in ...

Carved Apple

Don’t hide your age on your resume

We all know that lying on your resume is wrong.

Children taking notes in the forest

Oakvillegreen Conservation Association Receives $134,200 OTF Grant

Oakvillegreen Conservation Association is pleased to announce that it has received a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation for a total of $134,200 to fund programs and two staff members in the Town of Oakville ...

Anna and Zack Mulvale at Rafki Orphanage

St. Thomas Aquinas High School’s Peace & Social Justice group makes a world of difference

“I believe the students in Oakville are compassionate and lovely people,” affirms Anna from half a world away. She is tiny for a 17 year old – likely due to malnutrition suffered during her younger ...

Information Interview: Oakville Recruiter

Information interviews are pretty popular these days. They can be a great way to learn about different roles and different organizations. These conversations, usually more casual than an actual interview, also provide a great platform ...

Sheridan College Expert Provides Advice on Supporting Student Success

Parents have an important role to play in helping their college-aged children build confidence, responsibility and resiliency, according to Joe Henry, Sheridan’s Associate Dean of Student Success. Based on his experiences working in higher education ...

Job Research 101: Oakville Recruiter

I was standing around eating popcorn with my colleagues this week and I started dreaming up with all kinds of new flavours. They were convinced that I was quite a genius and that perhaps I ...

Oakville Today: March 22, 2013

Weather It’s getting warmer. As you step outside today you’ll notice that it is a good deal warmer at minus 1. With a mix of sun and clouds all day, the temperature will rise up ...

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