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Scam attempts oakville hydro Electric Cords

Oakville Hydro reports scam attempts

Oakville Hydro is alerting Oakville residents about multiple scam attempts. Several customers have reported receiving a text message or email that has a link that will give them a refund.

Silicon Halton TU20’s Summer Intern: Vikram Lal

We are continuing to share the stories of young people who found summer internships through the Silicon Halton Tech Under 20 (TU20) program. This week will cover Vikram Lal 

Do I need a cover letter? Oakville Recruiter

In the old days, a cover letter had to accompany a resume because the job postings were placed in newspapers and weeks might have gone by since it was published.

LinkedIn for Students

Let me lay this out plainly for you: If you are about to graduate from university, you need a profile on LinkedIn. People want to see who you are and you don’t want them going ...

Best Resume Ever: Oakville Recruiter

So you have decided to start spreading your resume around in the hopes of landing a new gig.  Excellent!  The market is waiting for you. Your resume is your calling card and you need to ...