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Dec 1-19 Winter Weather Warning

Dec 1-19 Winter Weather Warning for Oakville

Environment Canada has re-issued it’s Dec 1-19 Winter Weather Warning again at 6:53 AM on December 1st. The beginning of the storm which started with high winds early this morning is expected to last into ...

November 11th Snow fall Warning

November 11th Snow Fall Warning for Oakville

Environmnent Canada issued a Monday November 11th Snow Fall Warning for Oakville at 3:15 PM on Sunday, November 12, 2019.  This weather event is expected to last until  late Monday night. So you’ll need to ...

heat warning extended

Heat Warning Extended thru Tuesday Night

Environment Canada’s heat warning extended until early Wednesday morning. They issued the warning at 6:41 PM. This is the 3rd heat wave we’ve experience this year, and they’ve all taken place this July.

First Heat Alert

First Heat Alert starting Friday, July 5, 2019

Environment Canada has issued its first heat alert for Friday July 5, 2019. They expect it to end by late Saturday night. The weather statement was issued at 4:56 AM.

Lake Ontario water levels

Lake Ontario water levels expected to rise

The latest information provided by the International Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River Board (ILOSLRB) indicates that Lake Ontario water levels will continue to rise this coming week.

Rainfall Warning

Rainfall Warning for Easter Weekend

Environment Canada issued a special weather statement on Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 3:15 pm for a significant rainfall warning.

February 27th

Special Weather Statement: Snow for February 27th

Environment Canada issued a Special Weather Statement on Tuesday, February 26th at 8:25 AM for Wednesday, February 27th.

February 24th

Wind Warning Issued for Sunday February 24th

Environment Canada issued a wind warning at 3:15 PM on Saturday, February 23rd for Sunday, February 24th.

Freezing Rain Warning for the evening of February 20th

Environment Canada issued winter weather warning for freezing rain at 11:19 AM on February 20 2019 for the evening of Wednesday, February 20th. 

significant snowfall January 08-2018

Significant Snowfall Warning for Sunday February 17 2019

Environment Canada issued Weather Warning for a significant snowfall this morning at 4:30 AM. The warning is expected to be in effect until Tuesday morning. It is possible that we just miss the worst of ...

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