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Tag Archive "extreme-cold-warning"

February 1st

Extreme Cold Warning extends into Friday, February 1st

Environment Canada issued another extreme cold warning for Friday February 1st. The warning was issued on January 31st at 3:17 PM.

January 31st

Deep Freeze Continues thru Thursday, January 31st

Environment Canada extended the Extreme Cold Warning thru tomorrow Thursday, January 31st. The alert was re-issued at 11:10 AM, and corroborated by the Weather Network’s forecast.

January 30th

Extreme Cold for Wednesday, January 30th and longer

Environment Canada issued an Extreme Cold warning at 10:41 AM for Wednesday, January 30th. The Weather Network’s forecast agrees.

Halton issues Cold Warning for Saturday

This cold warning is issued when temperatures are expected to fall below – 15 degrees Celsius (without wind-chill), or when weather conditions are severe enough to warrant alerting the community to the risks involved with ...

December 30-2017

Extended extreme cold warning issued on December 30-2017

An extended extreme cold warning is in effect. It was issued by Environment Canada on December 30-2017 at 8:46 PM.