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How Long is your Digital Shadow? A Recruiter’s Perspective

I have heard the term “digital revolution” about 10 times this week and I have to say it is wearing a little thin…..I know it’s a big deal but what does it really mean to ...

Kelly Wolfendale

Oakville Lives: Kelly Wolfendale

Kelly WOLFENDALE was born November 13, 1962 and on September 23, 2016 passed away peacefully at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital at the age of 53 after a short and courageous battle with cancer.

MP John Oliver at a board table listening

Oakville MP John Oliver conducts extensive community consultations on economic solutions

Throughout the month of January, MP John Oliver conducted pre-budget consultations in Oakville to gather community input on economic solutions.

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Being a Thought Leader and Why it Matters: A Recruiter’s Perspective

I was at a session yesterday with a bunch of job seekers and a bunch of recruiters. The questions and suggestions were pretty interesting but one, in particular, stuck with me.

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A Disenchanted World: A Local Editorial on the Attacks in Paris

Today I am angry. I woke up thinking ‘ I don’t want to leave my home today ‘ . Feeling raped of our security, our freedoms, our happiness, how can anyone even fathom the thought ...

Terence Young

Marijuana and Brothel Comments by Oakville’s Terence Young hits National News Outlets

Terence Young, Oakville’s incumbent Conservative MP has made it to the big times regarding comments he made  at the Oakville Chamber of Commerce’s All Candidates Debate on Tuesday, October 6th.

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Do the Due: Improve your Online Profile

Last week, I showed a resume to one of my colleagues. The first thing he did after reading it was to type the person’s name into google.

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Use of Social Media by Mayor Rob Burton: Private or Official?

At council today, a member of the public asked Oakville Town Council to send an affidavit to the integrity commissioner regarding the Mayor Burton’s tweet about Stephen Harper’s decision to hire private security on top ...

Sarah Taylor & Keith Childerhose

Oakville couple inspire community one breathe at a time after husband receives double lung transplant

On a sunny morning over a couple of cups of coffee at the Kerr Street Café, it was time to catch up with Sarah Taylor and her husband Keith Childerhose. Keith has just returned to ...

Movie Review: Never unfriend the dead

Effective horror movies are like encountering a majestic unicorn in a mundane world, they’re few and far between. Unfriended succeeds with an unapologetic, anti-bullying message. The real life possibility that we are never really safe, not ...

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