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The Willoughbys

Willoughbys make a Weird Winner: Movie Review

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect family movie night during quarantine, look no further than The Willoughbys. This animated feature film mixes a brilliant design, a funny story with high stakes. Netflix has produced ...

kinza chef oakville

Kinza Rizvi on Food Network’s Junior Chef Showdown

For Kinza Rizvi, there has never been a time when she wasn’t cooking. “I would like to stir the bowl by myself, I would not let anyone else do it,” she says.

Photo: Dreamworks Animation

Trolls World Tour is a Waste of Time: Movie Review

Trolls: World Tour’s tour around the world to living rooms and availability to download and stream is a disappointment. While the image is glossy and amusing to look at, the actual entertainment value of the ...

Photo: Buena Vista Pictures

Disneynature Premieres a Digital Double Feature: Movie Reviews

Disneynature’s two new family nature documentaries, Dolphin Reef and Elephant, might be the perfect new movies for these anxious times. Relaxing and bright, these pair of animal stories exude something increasingly hard to find while ...

Covid 19 Personal Financial Emergency Preparedness

Covid 19 – Personal Financial Emergency Preparedness Tips

There has been a tremendous amount of news coverage on the Coronavirus or Covid-19. We now have 24-hour coverage through the media and social media is a rabbit hole of facts, conjecture, conspiracy theory, and ...

Toy Story 4

Movie Review: Toy Story 4 won’t soon be forgotten

There was understandable caution when Toy Story 4 was announced a few years ago, and even more leading up to this weekend’s release. I’m here to report you have no reason to worry, and better ...

pets 2

Movie Review: There’s More than 2 Secret Lives of Pets

Illumination’s The Secret Life of Pets 2 offers a simple, pleasant kind of movie. Sure, it’s another animated sequel. But the good-natured simplicity and earnestness it offers makes it hard to dislike. And it’s also, ...

Review: A Dog’s Journey is a Canine Catastrophe

Just as truly excellent movies are rare, so are complete misfires. It’s not often a film is made that is unapologetically lazy and pandering. A Dog’s Journey is certainly heartfelt. But its perspective is too ...


Movie Review: The UglyDolls have a little beauty

UglyDolls, as an animated family film, is such a pleasant surprise. It’s easy to make a tepid movie with bright, colourful weirdos and have them belt annoying pop music every ten minutes. While UglyDolls is ...

Missing Link

Movie Review: Missing Link is a Lovely Little Masterpiece

Only once a year or so is an animated movie appropriately praised for its worth. It’s a genre that rarely is charming, beautiful, entertaining and enjoyable for all ages – and all at the same ...

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