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“COVID-Elvis” is singing for food banks

Cameron Michael Caton is a professional singer who entertains at old age homes. Since the pandemic began however, he’s found a new method of performance as COVID-Elvis.

Charity Oakville Donate

Oakville groups to help during COVID-19

There are many ways that Oakville Citizens can help out during COVID-19. There are many national, regional and Town organizations that are at a heightened need for donations and volunteers. Additionally, new initiatives are popping ...

Restaurants Oakville COVID-19 Take Out

Restaurants in Oakville Ramp Up Take-out & Giving Back

As the Corona Virus consumes Canada, the virus has impacted the community where it hurts most – food! Here are the facts: Global News reports that 15 percent of BC restaurants could close for good. ...

Ice on light fixture

Province assists Halton Region with Ice Storm grocery vouchers for those in financial need

To assist with the financial burden of the ice storm on those with limited incomes, the Province of Ontario has given Halton Region a limited number of grocery vouchers. Although many people lost food and ...

Food: A Muslim Perspective

“Eat and drink but waste not by excess for God loves not the wasters-“ Quraan Chapter¬†al-A`raf 7:31 Moderation in food and drink has been advised by the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him ). Food ...