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Oakville Business Tax Fairness September 2017

Tax Fairness? An Oakville business perspective

When it comes to describing a person who owns an Oakville business a few characteristics come to mind.  Hard working, committed, risk taker and driven.

$15 Minimum Wage, Yes Balloons

$15 Minimum Wage’s Unintended Consequences

The provincial government has introduced legislation that will increase the current minimum wage by over 30% from $11.40 to $15.00 per hour over the next 18 months. Small business owners are expressing concern about the ...

Downtown Oakville

Oakville Chamber objects to potential labour & employment standards reforms

The Oakville Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, has sent a letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne warning against potential changes to Ontario’s Labour Relations Act (LRA) and the Employment Standards ...

Gas Pump

The Impact of Cap and Trade on Oakville Businesses

It was not surprising that when Oakville businesses were surveyed about the provincial governments cap and trade program, 82% of respondents agreed that the cap and trade plan should have been delayed until its impact ...

teeter totter

Oakville Employers caution “You Can’t Legislate Prosperity”

Keep Ontario Working (KOW), a group of Ontario’s leading employers, industry and sector associations submitted its final set of recommendations to the Special Advisors of the Changing Workplaces Review (CWR).

Faye Lyons

Faye Lyons becomes New Government Relations Expert for Oakville Chamber

The Oakville Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that Faye Lyons has joined the Oakville Chamber of Commerce as the new Vice President, Government Relations and Advocacy.