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Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income: a better solution to CERB

To provide financial support to Canadians during the Covid-19 pandemic, our government has launched the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). A better solution is a Universal Basic Income (UBI) benefit.

How much can the CERB help workers and businesses?

The Federal government’s new Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) began accepting applications on its web portal Monday. It received registration from close to a million Canadians. The process had to be split into different registry ...


Oakville aims to green transit fleet starting in 2020

Oakville is taking steps to address climate change and enhance its commitment to foster a greener environment with plans to introduce electric buses to Oakville Transit as early as next year.

Ford Government’s attack on Federal climate change initiatives

Today, the Ford Government held their sixth event in less than a month misleading Ontarians about our plan to put a price on pollution and return the revenue to Ontarians. Six events against our concrete ...

The Health Divide: So How Are You Doing?

Hot off the press this week is the latest national report of the Canadian Index of Wellbeing entitled ‘How Are Canadians Really Doing’. While there are some notable bright spots such as higher levels of ...

Syrian boy in school at a desk

Halton District School Board welcomes Syrian refugees in Oakville

Since December 2015, the Halton District School Board has welcomed 12 Syrian students in Milton, Oakville and Burlington. The Board has been advised an additional 13 students are expected to arrive in the coming weeks. ...