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Hand reaching

TCS: Toxic Culture Syndrome: How to Advance a Culture of Health & Wellbeing

If you follow the news lately, you would think that our health and wellbeing is determined by doctors. Doctors this and doctors that.

Light Bulb

What You Don’t Count, Doesn’t Count: A Health Advocates Perspective

In his capacity as chief economic advisor to J.F Kennedy, the late, great Canadian John Kenneth Galbraith was reported as saying “what you count counts, and what you don’t count, doesn’t count.” My response is ...


Earth Day: A Health Advocates Perspective

With the arrival of Earth Day, it seems rather apropos to ponder the wellbeing of our planet in which we are such an integral, albeit, ungrateful lot. Indeed, what has are our collective script been, ...

Coronation Park

Dispatch from South of the Border: The Uncivil War: A Health Advocate’s Perspective

Having just returned from a week in Florida, at a time that unbeknownst to us coincided with the Florida leadership primaries, never did I ever think I would see America on the cusp of major ...

Canadian Flag waving reflected off mirrored building

A Belated 50th for Medicare: A Health Advocate’s Perspective

Given the high extent to which Canadians cherish medicare, it is an odd thing that its 50th anniversary came and went without so much as whimper. I say odd because barely a day goes by ...

child lying down in a field of daisies

The Sabbath, How About A Day of Rest? A Health Advocates Perspective

At the risk of dating myself, there was a time in Oakville when there used to be a sense of relative calm on Sundays. Most stores were empty and churches full.

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