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Painting of jesus as the good shepherd

Herding Sheep: A Christian Perspective

Who is Jesus? The Gospel writer John shows us who Jesus is by offering us signs — acts of Jesus that reveal his nature, his character.

Spotlight Movie Still

Shining the ‘Spotlight’ on Sin: A Christian Perspective

What does the Prodigal Son have to do with the Oscars? I’d like to suggest that this story has everything to do with the film that won best picture last week.

elastic Hair bands

When Good Change Starts, Expect Snap-Back: A Christian Perspective

If you cut out all the parts of the Bible that have to do with improving relationships, the Bible would simply not hold together. And it all starts with our relationship with God. When your relationship ...

Basket of Fruits and Vegetables

“Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit”and The Diderot Effect: A Christian Perspective

Have you woken on the first day of the month and said, “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit?”

Eggs sunnyside up

The Rhythm of the Risen Life: A Christian Perspective

It was Easter Sunday evening and the resurrected Jesus had been busy. Jesus had appeared to women in the early dawn. Later that day, he had appeared to two disciples walking about ten kilometres to ...

Close up of a lit candle wick


Remember the ridiculous case of the first sign that Jesus did at the wedding in Cana? How he turned about 600 litres of water into wine? or that story about the father who recklessly gives ...


A plane crashed into a bridge on take-off in Washington, D.C., in 1982, killing 78 people, with the plane going down into the Potomac River. One of just six people to survive the crash, 50 ...

Redwood Forest Canopy

The Unknowable God

A few weeks ago, I wrote about being known by God. That is God’s gift of grace to us: God knows us and loves us anyway. Now we turn to how much we can know ...

Baby Shower Balloons for a Boy

The Story of Jesus’ Baby Shower

January 6 is known in the Christian calendar as Epiphany and marks the end of the twelve days of Christmas, the revelation of Jesus as the Son of God, and the story of the visit ...

Surprised by Joy, CS Lewis,

Surprised by Joy

A letter was recently put up for auction that was written by CS Lewis on 19 August 1945. It was discovered inside a secondhand book entitled The Problem of Pain.

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