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Live at the Oakville Centre: March 2016

Coming up at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts in March will include concerts by The Trews, Kat Danser’s Mississippi Juke Joint, Classic Albums Live: Animals, and the Downchild Blues Band. Ballet Jorgen’s Sleeping ...

Sign with text; Saints & Sinners

Filling the Pedestal: Hero? Saint? or Sinner?

We do seem to need heroes, don’t we? We like to put people up on pedestals.

Oakville Jazz Festival 2013: Musical Line Up Biographies for Friday

Bluesers (The) The band is fronted by 19year old Chris Cotton on guitar and vocals , Samples of our new CD have been posted in the Audio Section. Cale Hawkins on Vocals for Won’t Go ...

Pope Francis I: Church Rebuilder

Number 266.  That’s the number of popes to guide the Church since Peter first took office as the Vicar of Christ on earth.  Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, an Argentine with strong Italian roots is now ...