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Quebec Bill 21

Quebec Bill 21 condemned by Oakville Council

On Monday, February 24, 2020, Oakville Town Council voted unanimously in opposition to Quebec Bill 21.


The Town of Oakville has spoken. “We’re satisfied.”

It’s official, Oakville residents are highly satisfied with the state of governance of their community.

2019 Citizen Survey

2019 Citizen Survey results for Oakville

The results of the town’s 2019 Citizen Survey are in and residents give the town top marks!

Oakville February 11th thru 19th 2018 Mayoral Candidates Debates 2018 Municipal Articles Town of Oakville Flag

Town of Oakville February 11th thru 19th Upcoming Decisions, Discussions, &Debates

Every month Oakville councillors decide on issues which impact us. So to make it easier for you here are the Town of Oakville February 11th thru 19th upcoming decisions, discussions, and debates.