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Resume Fonts

Job Journey: Resume Fonts, Formats and File Types

Your resume represents you and your years of hard work. Make sure it looks great and is easy to read including resume fonts, formats and file type.


Fix your Career by the New Year: It’s just around the corner.

Halloween is over and the rush to the end of the year has begun. Things are going to get busy….really soon. If you have career goals that are still hanging out there, this is the ...


DIY Executive Search – is it a good idea?

Executive search is the same as any other professional service. It’s about the value, not the cost – after all, isn’t that how you make other business decisions?

Job Interview in abstract

So you’re a recruiter……

When I tell people what I do for a living, they nod knowingly but I know the truth. People have no idea what “headhunters” really do. The label conjures images of short, hairy people with ...

Don’t park your career for the Holidays

Contrary to popular belief, the job world does not come to a stop just because it’s the holidays. There are lots of great opportunities over the coming weeks to explore and exploit news, knowledge and ...