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August 2019 Oakville Real Estate

August 2019 Oakville Real Estate Update

August 2019 Oakville Real Estate Update shows a strong and healthy market. Prices are increasing in every category, days on market are tight but reasonable, and properties are priced right.

January 2018 Oakville Real Estate Update

January 2018 Oakville Real Estate Update

January 2018 Oakville Real Estate Update marks the beginning of a new year. It provides an opportunity to look forward. 

Neon sign "REAL ESTATE"

Taking Action against Phantom Offers: A Realtor’s Perspective

As of July 1st, The Real Estate Council of Ontario is enforcing rules that will place a stricter criteria on the definition of a bid on a real estate property.

 The phantom bid is an ...

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Oakville Real Estate Market Update: June 2015

We are half way through the 2015 real estate year and well into the 3rd quarter. Oakville’s June sales figures are in line with the rest of 2015, yielding a high rate of sale, pushing ...

Movie Review: Home is a familiar yet heartwarming adventure.

The cute, squishy alien creatures in Dreamworks’ latest picture — based on the acclaimed children’s book The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex — come to earth looking for a place to hide from their ...

Are You Home Renovation Ready?

Stop!  Before you get too excited and start taking a hammer to the wall, ask yourself, are you renovation ready?  Sadly, I have heard time and time again renovations horror stories from home owners; contractors ...

Staging & Renovation: An Oakville Realtor’s Personal Experience

During this past year I needed to sell a family property. The home had been in the family for over 40 years. It had very few upgrades, but had been well maintained. The neighbourhood is ...

Oakville Real Estate Update: March 17 to 31, 2013

Well, spring is about to be sprung as the Oakville real estate market heads in to the busiest time of the year. Winter showed a decline in the number of sales with a minor price ...