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Ontario Government-January 2019 update

Ontario Government-January 2019 Update

To keep you up-to-date, here is the Ontario Government-January 2019 update as it relates to Oakville. It ranges from legislation to consultations.

Open Door

What the Birth of Jesus Means Today: A Christian Perspective

There was the little boy who was thrilled to be in the Christmas pageant, until he found out he was to be the innkeeper, who turned away Mary and Joseph. His line was, “NO!” He ...

Door Lock

Oakville North Burlington Federal Candidates Responses to Halton Region Question on Housing

Due to the number of federal candidates for the Federal Riding of Oakville North Burlington, the questions that the Region of Halton asked will be broken down into each question. The first question deals with ...

Lego Townhouse

Oakville Real Estate Update: April 2015

Spring is in full bloom, the sun is out and the heat is turned up in more than one way. Oakville’s red hot real estate market has never been better, selling large volume at record ...

Conservative Government Waging War on Oakville Real Estate

It appears that the Conservative Party of Canada is very pleased about the progress it has made in deflating the housing market in Canada according to Jim Flaherty – Finance Minister’s comments on December 3, ...