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The Audacious Resume: A Recruiter’s Perspective

Would you describe your resume as bold or gutsy?

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Recruiting to Broaden the Applicant Pool

One of the best ways to change up your work groups and increase the diversity of your company is to use external recruiters; and I am not just saying that because I am an external ...

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Can’t Uber this….. A Recruiter’s Perspective

There was a really good article in Fast Company yesterday about UBER. It seems that the on-demand service is so popular that people are trying to offer different types of services using a similar platform.

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Top Tips for Staying Positive: A Recruiter’s Perspective

One of the cool things I get to do in my job is to meet with groups of people who are “in transition” which is to say, looking for their next role.

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Title isn’t Everything – how to find the good stuff on job boards

It can be pretty overwhelming to wade through the maze of different jobs posted on LinkedIn. It is easy to start clicking away only to realize that an hour has passed and you have nothing ...


Patience and Persistence – the Interview Process Today

I have heard a lot of chatter lately about interviewing and the length of the hiring process. People tell me about going for six or seven interviews and then having the whole thing blow up.

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Job Interviews for the Young and Not-Yet-Famous: Hiring Managers Pay Attention

I have been talking with 20-somethings who are looking for summer jobs or “forever” post-graduation jobs and what I hear about their interview experience is appalling.

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Make Experience Relevant on your Resume

I ran into a friend this weekend. We have a really cool history together. Just over four years ago, she was a party planner. She was pretty sure that it was not the type of ...

Rob Ford needs to exit stage left. Now: Oakville Recruiter

Rob Ford is my neighbour.  His office is across the street from my office.  I hope that he is not my neighbour for much longer.  It’s not that I don’t think he is doing a ...

Pinterest your Career

If you are actively or even not so actively looking for a new job, you know that it can get tedious.  It can feel like you are looking at the same postings day after day.  ...

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