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Movie Review: Molly Plays a Slick Game

There isn’t a more talented and entertaining screenwriter working in Hollywood today than Aaron Sorkin. Now, with his debut feature Molly’s Game, the filmmaking veteran is also taking on the director’s chair. And for the ...

Movie Review: Thor Ragnarok Brings the Thunder

Superhero fans are going to have a field day. Thor: Ragnarok is easily the most engaging and entertaining in his own franchise, and the widest people pleaser maybe ever from Marvel Studios. Instead of being ...

The Dark Tower

Movie Review: It’s a Short, Boring, Dark Tower

The month of August is known for uninspiring blockbusters, and The Dark Tower is no exception. It’s shallow from the beginning, and the fantasy action is far from engaging.

Pacific Rim Astonishes & Wins our hearts: 5/5

Transformers? Huh? What’s that? After viewing such a spectacle, those were the exact words I had flowing through my pulsing and overdriven brain of excitement and pure satisfaction. Mexican visionary Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth, ...