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Oakville Recipients of the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers

Seven Oakville residents received the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers. The Governor General awards these medals to individuals from across the country,

Stephen Wise, Harnoor Gill

Oakville Peace Walk brings different Faith Groups Together

The events of 9/11 certainly shook the world and helped the world to realize how interfaith dialogue is a critical component for the maintenance of international stability. It is no longer justifiable for people to ...

February 24th Proposed Bill C-51, Canadian Flag

Halton’s Interfaith Council stands united in peace in light of the recent terror attacks

The Interfaith Council of Halton represents all the different faiths in our region, and as a group we condemn the heartless attacks against innocent victims, both in Lebanon and Paris last week.

Syrian Refugee Rally, Downtown Oakville

Hundreds of Oakville Residents Rally in Support of Syrian Refugees

How does one picture change the world, and how does the life of one innocent child make the connscienousness of a community rise into action? What was it about that child at that moment? I ...

Maple Seeds in an open hand

Seeds of Sacrifice: A Christian Perspective on Relationships

Jesus says, ‘The way God wants things is like someone scattering seed on the ground, and watching the seed sprout and grow, the sower still does not know how it happens.” Mark 4.26-34

An Interfaith Perspective

When have you been hit by a truth you didn’t see coming? When have you been transformed at the very foundation of your soul? Often it seems that transformation comes through difficult experiences or experiences ...