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pre-interview check in

Job Journey: Pre-Interview Check In

Here’s a cool idea I picked up from one of my clients. Before you go for an interview, in that brief few minutes when you are cooling off in the lobby, use your smart phone ...

What to bring to an interview

Job Journey: What to Bring to an Interview

Preparing for an interview is not just about the suit and haircut. You have some options in terms of what you bring with you as well.

interview career laura machan

Job Journey: Interview Pro Tips

How do you prepare for a professional interview? I heard a fantastic phrase last week that really helped to put it into perspective. One of our senior sales leaders was talking with us about value ...

Barack Obama

It’s Just as Hard at the Top

Barack Obama is on a job search. What does one do after one has been the leader of the free world?

I have an interview – what should I wear? A Recruiter’s Perspective

Jeans? Khakis? Suit? There are so many different work cultures now, it can be tricky to figure out what to wear to an interview.

Person Circling areas on a newspaper

How to Explain a Long Absence from Paid Work: A Recruiter’s Perspective

I have been working with several candidates who have been out of the regular workforce for more than a year.

Defining Success book Title

It’s not the what – it’s the how – Mastering the Interview

It used to be that hiring managers could ask about your significant accomplishments and if you had the right ones with the right numbers, you were in.

Lady Laughing

Humour and the Job Interview – Tread Lightly

I had a good discussion with one of my friends this week about using humour at work, especially when you are new in a group or organization. That got me thinking about humour in an ...

Colourful wooden building blocks

Down the Rabbit Hole – Success with Web Searches

I was comparing notes with a candidate this week. We were talking about how easy it is to get completely lost and distracted when surfing the web.

Interview like a Star – Don’t make these Mistakes

I polled a couple of colleagues today and was surprised at the rapid pile of responses I got to “biggest interview mistakes”.

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