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pile of stones

Stability has no place in an Interview

There has been a recurring theme in interviews this week. People are looking for jobs for the rest of their lives. “I just want somewhere I can settle in and work until retirement”.

Skype by the Numbers Info Graphic

How to Prepare for a Skype Interview

I was trying to coordinate an interview with a candidate and it was getting difficult because she was travelling and I was up to my eyeballs in meetings. We gave up on finding time to ...

business woman

Killer Interview Questions

Imagine you are nearing the end of a great interview and the manager asks if you have any questions. You feel like everything has been covered so you say thanks and leave.

Man with beard in blazer freaking out

Pre-Interview Checklist: Oakville Recruiter

You have gotten through the phone interview and now you have been confirmed for a face to face meeting with HR and the hiring manager.  You are short of breath and sweaty.  A bit of ...

An interview is not a tell-all: Oakville Recruiter

A first interview is like a first date. It’s not the time to reveal the story of your whole life and career. You want to hold on to some of the mystery.

Should I go door to door with my resume?

Hiring is like toilet paper. Most managers only think about it when they are out and in desperate need. This means showing up unannounced with your resume expecting respect and consideration probably won’t happen.

Any Questions?

Picture this: you are at a job interview and things are going really well. The hiring manager leans back in her chair and asks if you have any questions. Bang! Here is your opportunity to ...

What to do after the Interview: Oakville Recruiter

Summer is here. This weekend marks the beginning vacation for lots of people and will undoubtedly play mayhem on the hiring process. All it takes is one of the decision makers to be out of ...

An Internship Not Worth Taking: 2/5

They have appeared in movies together before… but they were never this bad. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn return side by side in this year’s latest comedy, The Internship, directed by mediocre director Shawn Levy ...

Tips for the Hot Weather Interview

It finally started to warm up this week here in Ontario. I know this because I arrived for a meeting yesterday practically glistening with sweat from walking outside. I am thrilled to have beautiful weather ...

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