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Roula Partheniou, Nook, 2014.

Roula Partheniou: House & Home & Garden

Oakville Galleries is pleased to announce the opening of our spring exhibitions—House & Home & Garden, a site-specific installation by Toronto-based artist Roula Partheniou.

5774: A Year in Review

When I read the paper each morning, and I see a story about Jews, I look very carefully. Is it good for the Jews? If so I cheer a little bit inside. If its bad ...

Fairness Zone on Pavement

Some Things are Too Important to have an Opinion

I think we are forced to accept the reality of original sin. Because there is one characteristic that humans possess that does more to deny God than the Dawkins of the atheist world: Envy.

Israel & Gaza Conflict 2014: A Jewish Perspective

As the hostilities continue in Israel and the Gaza Strip, now for a third week, its quite painful to watch and hear about war and death and struggle in the Jewish holy land.

Praying at the Wailing Wall

The Pope’s Visit to Israel: A Jewish Perspective

It is a memorable moment when the Pope visits Israel. In some ways it’s a pilgrimage for a leader of faith to visit the birthplace of his religion, a chance to walk in the path of ...

Cottonwood Wine Agency at esoterica

esoterica wine fair, part 4: Oakville Sommelier

This is the final report on the esoterica wine fair held by the Oakville Wine Enthusiasts Club (OWEC) in April. If you have been keeping up with this series over the past few weeks, you can ...

The Role of Anger and Judgment in the Work of Love: A Christian Perspective

Sometimes we Christians are a bit arrogant about the anger of God. We may say, ‘It’s the Old Testament that has an angry, judgemental God. Our God is loving and compassionate and kind.’ There are ...

Canada Day: Dreams Realized or Dashed? A Christian Perspective

The United Church of Canada, formed out of the nationalistic movement that created the country, drew together three denominations: Methodist (Wesleyan and Episcopal), Presbyterians and Congregationalists. As new Canadians built communities, especially in the west, ...

The Gift of Faith: A Christian Perspective

Often we think of faith as something we individually have or don’t have; something we own or possess as an act of our own will.  But what we discover when we experience baptism is that ...

Water, Israel & Torah: A Jewish Perspective

Is it possible we take fresh water for granted. Water is abundant, cheap, and convenient – nearly everywhere. Modern plumbing relieves us from shlepping our water from streams and cisterns to our homes. We swim ...

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