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Ford V. Ferrari

Ford V Ferrari is a ten out of ten: Movie Review

In 1966, Ford Motor Company decided that the only thing they could do to save their business was to build race cars. Race cars good enough to win the famed 24 hour of Le Mans ...

Movie Review: Logan’s Legacy at Last Complete

Visceral, violent, and vitally important, Logan (the newest X-Men adventure) is boldly different from multiple genres and infectiously dynamic. It’s a masterpiece to behold with it’s beautiful scenery and acting, and most of all, a ...

The Wolverine Digs Its Claws Deep: 4/5

In the year 2009, us lovers of cinema were granted several fascinating works of art: Watchmen, Inglorious Bastards, Avatar and Star Trek. Among these spectacular films, there was one disaster. X-Men Origins: Wolverine.