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Palm leaves on the hood of a car

Hosanna! Hospitality as a Hint of the Kingdom: A Christian Perspective

Many preachers will say this week something like, ‘these crowds who welcomed Jesus with waving palm branches will turn on him and yell ‘Crucify him!’ In a few days.’ Luke 19.28-40 But I suggest that’s ...

New born on a male arm

Faith for the Journey from Garden to Wilderness: A Christian Perspective

As we approach the beginning of Lent, we often hear this passage from Genesis — one of the creation stories in Genesis — read with the passage from Luke which describes Jesus’ experience in the ...

Large Crowd

Who are you for, Jesus? A Christian Perspective

Jesus leaves town and performs some miracles in Capernaum, then comes back as a guest preacher.

Three wine stem glasses, red, amber and clear water

Water to Wine: A Christian Perspective

Jesus was a challenging child to begin with, running off when he was twelve to discuss theology with the rabbis in the temple, leaving his desperate parents wondering where he was.

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What to do while we wait? A Christian Perspective

We have all been there. Sitting waiting in a doctor’s office. I think my mother holds the record for patient waiting. Her eye surgeon, Dr. Giavedoni, at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, is in great ...

Mice going off to Vote

The Cost of Intimacy: A Christian Perspective

James and John were close to Jesus. But they worried that this closeness wouldn’t last out eternity, so they asked him to do just one thing for them: ‘let us sit next to you forever.’ ...

Table filled with food

Communion and the World: A Christian Perspective

Thirty-five years ago, Tissa Balasurya, a priest from a city in Sri Lanka, observed with some horror that over 100 000 Masses had been celebrated in his city church and there had been no narrowing ...

Eggs sunnyside up

The Rhythm of the Risen Life: A Christian Perspective

It was Easter Sunday evening and the resurrected Jesus had been busy. Jesus had appeared to women in the early dawn. Later that day, he had appeared to two disciples walking about ten kilometres to ...

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Jesus suffers on the cross and dies. He is buried in a cave-like tomb. Three days later, Mary from the town of Magdala, went to the tomb. The tomb was empty.

Devil Graffiti

Demons, Devils and Satan

Pretty much all religions and cultures refer to supernatural entities that are considered evil. They may be forces of nature that cause bad weather, gods or goddesses that cause destruction, or evil spirits fixated on ...

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