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Events in Oakville: April 14, 2014


Happy New Year: A Jewish Perspective

The Jewish Holy Day most commonly called Rosh HaShanah, falls this year early in the secular calendar, beginning on Sept. 4th.  It is known by many names, each offering insight into the meaning and ritual ...

A Jewish Mom in Oakville

Moving to Oakville as a young married Jewish woman was both exciting and intimidating to me. I had grown up in Toronto, and although I did not live in a largely Jewish neighbourhood, I lived ...

What is a Bris? Judaism 101

Imagine you have been invited to a bris, the ritual Jewish custom where a young male infant on exactly the 8th day of life gets circumcised. Understandably you might not know what it is or ...

A Perfect Wedding Guest: A Jewish Perspective

The weddings season has begun and if you are ever invited to a Jewish celebration, there are some unusual but meaningful elements to look for.

Women of Faith: Jewish Perspective

There are not that many female heroines in the Bible, in fact, there are not that many named women at all.  And even when they are given a name, they are often flawed secondary characters.  ...