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Linkedin Profil

How to make your LinkedIn Profile work

With 500 million plus business focused members, LinkedIn is a great place to put your professional information. Your LinkedIn profile lets you keep in touch with current and former colleagues. It also allows you to ...

you want

Job Journey: How to Apply for the Job You Want

If you are lucky enough to know what you want to next, you don’t have to wait for it to be posted.


See a Great Job? Don’t Apply.

Picture this: it’s Sunday morning and you are sipping coffee while sifting through the job postings on LinkedIn. One of them catches your eye. You read it again. It looks like it could be just ...


Cover Letters – Eagle or Albatross?

People offer to send me cover letters all the time. I tell them not to bother. My job is to provide notes to my client about each candidate so in effect, I am writing the ...

Would you hire you?

We all know the heartache of sending a resume for a job that you’re sure you are going to love and then never hearing anything back. It can be simply crushing. As a recruiter, I ...