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Stage 2 restaurants

Stage Two sees boosts for Oakville restaurants

Oakville entered Stage Two of the provincial COVID-19 recovery plan last Friday and for the hospitality industry and it couldn’t have come soon enough. New data shows that restaurants and bars experienced a crucial spike ...


Ritorno reopens and is ready for your visit

After a three month closing because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ritorno restaurant is ready for guests again. And not just for their newly relaunched takeout either – the patio is open and ready for you ...

Stage 2 restaurants

Dark days likely to continue for Oakville restaurant industry

“It’s overwhelming,” says Julia Hanna. “There is no playbook for what is happening to us.” Hanna has worked in restaurants for 38 years. As the COVID-19 pandemic goes on longer and longer, it’s becoming clear ...

2018 Mayoral Debates

2018 Mayoral Debates online – be an informed voter

Here are all the videos for the 2018 Mayoral Debates. Since not all residents can attend debates, these videos provide information about each of the mayoral candidates, so you can be an informed voter.

foster innovation

Foster Innovation – Mayoral Candidates’ Responses

What is your plan to foster innovation in Oakville?

retain talent

Recruit and Retain Talent for Oakville: Mayoral Candidates’ Responses

What is your plan to help employers recruit and retain talent in Oakville?

Business Competitiveness

Strengthen Business Competitiveness ~ responses by mayoral candidates

What is your plan to strengthen business competitiveness in Oakville?

Transportation Traffic backed up at night on highway

Transportation Challenges? responses by mayoral candidates

What is your plan to address transportation challenges in Oakville, both movement of goods and movement of people?

Julia Hanna

Don’t miss Oakville’s 2016 Small Business Week Activities

“Small Business is Big in Canada”! Out of over 1.2 million businesses, a staggering 97% have fewer than 100 employees. Here is another thought to ponder:The one thing that both large and small business share ...


Local Leading Woman and Girls honoured by Ontario’s Women’s Directorate

On June 22, 2016, The 2016 Leading Women, Leading Girls, Building Communities Awards Ceremony honoured four women who are making a positive impact on the Oakville community. Their achievements will be recognized through awards issued ...

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