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New born on a male arm

Faith for the Journey from Garden to Wilderness: A Christian Perspective

As we approach the beginning of Lent, we often hear this passage from Genesis — one of the creation stories in Genesis — read with the passage from Luke which describes Jesus’ experience in the ...

Devil Graffiti

Demons, Devils and Satan

Pretty much all religions and cultures refer to supernatural entities that are considered evil. They may be forces of nature that cause bad weather, gods or goddesses that cause destruction, or evil spirits fixated on ...

Lent: A Christian Perspective

Lent is a time of reflection and preparation for the coming of Easter. It often involves repentance, prayer, charity and sometimes fasting. The forty days represent the time Jesus spent fasting in the wilderness.

Pope Benedict’s Retirement: Oakville’s Catholic Response

Why did Pope Benedict XVI retire? Who will be elected the new pope? What should the new pope do? There has been and will continue to be much curiosity and interest in the political dimension ...

Jesus Shows Us the Moves: Christian Perspective

  I am not naturally athletic – it is a challenge for me to get the top half and the bottom half of my body to move at the same time.  And I have no ...