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Glen Abbey Development Application

Letter to the Editor: Glen Abbey a Students Perspective

I want to express my thoughts about the potential development at the Glen Abbey Golf course in Oakville.

Fair Workplaces and Better Jobs Plan, Thumbs down

Fair Workplaces and Better Jobs Plan, I Object! Letter to the Editor

I am writing to express my objection to the government’s proposed Fair Workplaces and Better Jobs Plan.

Elementary School Report Card

Letter to the Editor: A parent’s concern about lack of final grades for elementary school child

Dear Mr. Euale, We are aware that we may be one of many, many parents contacting you and the board in lieu of the announcement this past Friday. As directed, we are attempting to reach ...

Canadian Goose

Letter to the Editor: Show some compassion please

So the Super Store near my house is protecting this mama goose as she sits to lay her eggs and papa stands guard all day. It’s a shame that the store had to put flags ...

Scott McColeman, his wife and 2 young daughters

Letter to the Editor: Thank you Ward 3

I want to thank my fellow neighbours for their great support for town councillor. I came up a little short; however, it has been a great experience reconnecting with some old friends and having made ...

A man's hand

Letter to the Editor: Heroes at Oakville Place

From where I live, I have a really good view of the bus “terminal” at Oakville Place.

Letter to the Editor: And Then There Were Ten

My husband and I live in The Beach in Toronto. Still vibrating from the fallout, sadness and ever-widening Boston bombing story, we were delighted and inspired by a wonderful experience we had in Oakville today. ...