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Oakville Federal Candidates

Oakville Federal Candidates for 2019 are ready

The Oakville Federal candidates were ready this morning when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dissolved the 42nd parliament making way for Canadians to choose who they would like to lead our country. We make our decision ...

Kevin Flynn, our next Member of Parliament?

The Oakville Federal Liberal Riding Association has been on the search for a candidate since Oakville MP John Oliver decided not to run in the upcoming federal election. Three potential candidates stepped forward: Anita Ananda, ...

15,600 Oakville Children supported by the Canada Child Benefit

Two years ago, the Government of Canada launched the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) to help families with the high cost of raising children.

Bob Rae - "Mending Hearts, Mending Treaties" -& Maureen Tilson Dyment

Canadian Club of Halton Hosts Speaker Bob Rae

The Canadian Club of Halton hosted former parliamentarian Bob Rae as the dinner speaker for an audience of over 170 members and guests, Thursday, October 20, 2016. Mr. Rae’s remarks were titled “Mending Hearts, Mending Treaties”.

Blue pillow in the shape of lungs

Letter to the Editor: MP Oliver votes against National Organ Donor Registry

Dear Mr. Oliver, I am writing to express my sincere disappointment in your recent vote of NO against Bill C223 in the House of Parliament on June 15th. It was shattering to see that among ...

Indira Nadoo Harris, John Oliver,

Oakville MP’s Open Constituency Offices

Both Oakville Member of Parliament John Oliver and Oakville North Burlington Member of Parliament Pam Damoff have opened there constituency offices this past week.

Painting of Donald Trump

A response to Islamaphobia and Trump: A Jewish Perspective

First they came for the Muslims, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Muslim. Then they came for the homosexuals, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a homosexual. Then they came ...

Pam Damoff in House of Commons

M.P. Pam Damoff’s First Speech in Parliament

In her first speech to the House of Commons since being elected, the first M.P. of the new Oakville North-Burlington riding, Pam Damoff spoke before the House today in response to last week’s Throne Speech ...

Town Council on October 26 2015

Oakville Mayor’s 9th Town Address: TPP, Glen Abbey Redevelopment, and Ward 2 By-Election

On Monday October 26, 2015 at the Town of Oakville’s Council Meeting, Mayor Rob Burton gave his 9th Annual Address on the state of Oakville reviewing the accomplishments of the past year, and future opportunities. ...

John Oliver, Justin Trudeau

Oakville Chamber of Commerce Looks Forward to Working with new M.P.’s

The Oakville Chamber of Commerce congratulates both Pam Damoff and John Oliver on being elected and looks forward to working with both of our new MPs on key issues such as the shortage of skilled ...

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