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Canada, Laggards in Health Care: OP Ed

We’re third. We’re Third. We’re THIRD LAST. So says a recent major study issued by the Commonwealth Fund comparing health care on a variety of measures amongst the most affluent nations.

Loneliness, social isolation

Loneliness, Social Isolation and the effect on your health

At the time John Lennon wrote ‘With a Little Help From My Friends’, little did most people know he was actually sending out an SOS in terms of his own need for help in his ...


2nd Stage of Medicare begins as Ontario passes Bill 41

For all that we pride ourselves on having access to universal health care, what many Canadians don’t know is that there was to be a 2nd stage of Medicare. Tommy Douglas was, in fact, miles ...

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Health Links Are Leading the Way: A Health Advocate’s Perspective

There is a tendency these days to dwell on the myriad of things that aren’t working, the sensational, all that is bad. In health care, news stories abound about long waiting lists, lack of adequate ...