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“COVID-Elvis” is singing for food banks

Cameron Michael Caton is a professional singer who entertains at old age homes. Since the pandemic began however, he’s found a new method of performance as COVID-Elvis.

Project HOBART

OPP seizes assets in Oakville for Project HOBART

An asset seizure and criminal bust was executed by the Ontario Provincial Police in Oakville and other towns yesterday as part of Ontario’s Project HOBART. Some of the assets include cash, luxury homes, sports cars, ...

Interior of the Globe Theatre in London

Film.Ca Cinemas Launches Performing Arts “The Signature Series” in Partnership with ArtHouse

Film.Ca Cinemas is proud to announce the launch of Film.Ca and ArtHouse Present The Signature Series, a series of exclusive onscreen performances of Shakespearean drama from London’s famous Globe Theatre, and ballet and opera from ...